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    NHR250CNC is a universal type of CNC relieving lathe which is specially designed for the hob manufacturer by Nabaic Machine Tool Company. It has good rigidity, high precision, wide range of applications and convenient operability.

   This machine tool suitable for relief turning and relief grinding gear hobs with module from 1 to 12 mm, other kinds of gear cutting tools and other cutting tools which need to relieve the back of teeth.

   This machine tool is also suitable for processing kinds of parts with screw thread and special shape.

   The designed structure of this machine can not only insure the high precision of processing, but also can achieve good surface finish quality. The gear hobs relieving by this machine can steadily achieve the standard of DIN3968 or GB/T6084-2001, AA.

Main technical parameters

Maximum swing diameter of workpiece on tool post


Maximum processing module of gear hob


Center height


Distance between centers 


Maximum processing length  


Maximum main shaft speed


Number of slots


Maximum amount of relieving


Lead of the spiral flute

200 - ∞ mm

The specification and spindle speed of the wheel spindle

Ø50×200         7437rpm

Ø60×224         4760rpm

Cross slide travel 


Distance of the quick returning of the cross tool carriage


Dimensions of the machine


Net weight


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